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About Mark

Owning a business is tough going, it can be frustrating and a real grind.

I know because I have lived it. I’ve sweated those times when there is insufficient cash to pay wages or pay a major supplier. I ‘ve lived the times when staff don’t do as expected, appear to not care or just don’t turn up. I’ve experienced receiving the dreaded phone call from a major customer or the bank with bad news…

But it doesn’t have to be always like that.

And yes, the good times are really good, quickly making up for the bad times.
I work with business owners to help them build a better business. To help business owners get back in control of their business and by doing so reduce the stress and the number of “bad” days. And when the bad days come, which they will, business owners I work with are able to quickly put the bad day into perspective by easily knowing how they are tracking on their business journey.

I am able to bring to the business owner professional business qualifications along with 25+ years of practical hands on experience in running businesses, company turn-arounds and change management.

I just love seeing business owners being successful. Assisting ordinary people who are having a go be successful, fulfilling their dreams and growing personally and financially, makes me say that I have the best job in the world!!

So, don’t be seduced by those self professed gurus providing “easy” steps to having a wonderful and rosy business. Success in business comes through focus, discipline and perseverance.

Instead give me a call. I’m the Business Bloke who can walk the talk, who will provide practical business consulting solutions with wise and experienced business mentoring and business coaching. And by the way we will have heaps of fun along the way!!

I look forward to having a chat to hear about your business journey. Contact me on 0413007197.